Welcome to Symons Valley United Church Online Worship Page

Symons Valley United Church Online Worship is a special time for our faith and community. Pour your morning coffee, find a comfortable spot, and join us for church online on Sundays at 10:30 AM.


We stream our Livestream to our YouTube Channel. Please click the link to go to our Channel and click the live area for the Livestream Feed.

Tips for Getting the most out of Online Worship


Worship is a great gift. It can nurture our faith and connect us to our wider community of faith. Plan ahead and set this sacred time aside for you and your family. Set up a space where you can all enjoy worship. Light a candle, set down a bible and keep a journal nearby for notes.

Be Fully Present

We all will face a lot of distractions once the service kicks off. In today’s techno world, digital distraction can take you away from worship. Open your preferences and slide the notifications to off. Don’t worry! Those other notifications will still be there when we are finished. Choose to stay committed & engaged.

Like, Share, and Comment

Click “like/love” buttons, share the service, and/or leave a comment or prayer in the Comments section.

Worship, Don’t Just Watch

Worship is being prepared for you and your family to celebrate God and connect with the community. Make this a spiritual time – sing, pray, & read the word along with us. Journal those notable quotes and prayers.


After church, we usually gather together for conversation. Why not do so now, too? After the service is over, call or video chat with a friend. Talk about the service, the readings, the hymns, the sermon, or anything else going on in your life. It is very easy to feel isolated and cut off from the people we care about. You can change that by reaching out!


Not every church can live stream services, and not everyone attends church. Perhaps this is the opportunity to invite someone to “church” who is wary or intimidated to walk in our front door. This could introduce them to Symons Valley United Church and God in a very un-intimidating way. What is great about technology? Your friend does not even have to be local to enjoy the service.