Symons Valley United Church has proudly been a part of the vibrant Calgary Northwest community since 1982. Over the years, we have grown, evolved, and provided a welcoming and inclusive space for all who seek spiritual connection and community.

A significant milestone in our journey was opening our new church building in Kincora a decade ago. This beautiful space was created to serve our community even better, allowing us to deepen our connections, expand our outreach, and provide a warm and inviting place for worship, fellowship, and personal growth.

We invite you to be a part of our ever-growing family. Whether you’ve been with us for years or are just discovering Symons Valley United Church, there’s a place for you here. Join us in our mission to foster love, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging in our community. Together, we can continue to create a brighter and more connected future. Welcome to Symons Valley United Church!


Your church, at the centre of the community.  Welcome Home!

Mission Statement

We are called to be a vibrant and affirming Christian community,  sharing God’s love, and engaging ALL through dynamic worship, strong family ministry, and loving hospitality,  in service and outreach to the community. 



Symons Valley United Church is an Open and Affirming congregation. We believe that all people are sacred in the eyes of God, welcome at God’s table, and entitled to full and equal participation in the life of the church.  Click here for our Affirming Ministries page

Dynamic Worship

Worship is central to our community. Each Sunday, we pray and sing together and explore the teachings of Jesus. Worship is our time to connect with our Creator God, called by the spirit and support our ongoing church ministry and beyond. 

Family Ministry

Symons Valley believes in family and supports families in whatever shape or size in our church and the broader community. 

Loving Hospitality

You are welcome here. We are committed to fostering an environment where all people are welcomed and celebrated regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, age, mental or physical ability, spiritual beliefs, ethnic or cultural background, marital status, or economic circumstance. 


We are committed to sharing an inclusive partnership with our neighbours near and far. We live out this commitment to the community through service and outreach and our connection and work with the wider United Church of Canada


Symons Valley United Church thrives as an engaged faith community within the United Church of Canada . Our involvement spans all levels of the church, including the Chinook Region of the United Church of Canada. We volunteer in diverse roles and participate in events and programs that connect people across Canada and beyond.