At Symons Valley United Church, we’ve woven the threads of care into five distinct areas, each led by compassionate individuals. Our focus embraces Hospitality, Welcoming, Caring, Luncheons, and the Prayer Chain. These pillars together form a foundation of support for our cherished community.

🌟 Hospitality:

Following Sunday worship, our Valley View Room offers an inviting space for our Christian community to gather, fostering connections over coffee, tea, and treats. Beyond worship, this spirit extends to refreshments during church events, ensuring everyone feels at home.

🚪 Welcoming:

Stepping through our front doors should feel like a welcoming place. Our Welcoming team ensures newcomers and regular attendees feel at ease during worship services and special events. They’re here to answer questions, offer information about our church, and build connections.

❤️ Caring:

Compassion is at the heart of our ministry. With care, we extend our support to various corners of life: from Celebrations of Life to retirement homes, from Dulcina Hospice to our Compassionate Quilt initiative, offering ongoing solace to those in need.

🍽️ Luncheons:

Sharing a meal is a cornerstone of our Christian fellowship. From September to our June “end of (church) year” picnic, our Luncheons/meals bring our faith community together, fostering a sense of friendship, conversation and many ways, deepening our faith. We thank all the Volunteers who purchase, prepare, serve, and tidy up our meals together.

🙏 Prayer Chain:

When words aren’t enough, our Prayer Chain steps in. Anonymously, our volunteers stand by to join you in prayer, whether for family, friends, local or global concerns. Your requests are confidential, channelled through a monitored email address ( and shared with the individuals on our prayer chain.

Wanting more information about Pastoral Care? Questions? Reach out to Donna Williams at . We’re here to make our caring community of faith your home.