Baptism holds a special place within the heart of Symons Valley United Church, embracing both the young and the grown in a celebration of faith. Rooted in our United Church of Canada tradition, Baptism stands as one of the two sacraments , the other being communion. These sacred rituals serve as symbolic gestures where we connect with the divine and experience the boundless goodness of God.

Baptism, conducted with the gentle touch of water, serves as a reminder of God’s encompassing love. Beyond the spiritual significance, Baptism warmly welcomes individuals into the embrace of our Christian community, Symons Valley United Church.

Whether it’s the laughter of a child or the devotion of an adult, each baptismal moment is an invitation to be a part of our vibrant congregation, where faith thrives, and relationships flourish.

Reach out to our Ministers, Rev. Vicki and Rev. Hillary, if you want you want your child baptized or seeking a new faith milestone by being baptized as an adult.