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APRIL Sermon Series Mystics of our Faith
Christian mysticism might sound like a complex term, but it’s about finding a deep, personal connection with the divine beyond traditional religious practices. It’s about experiencing God’s presence firsthand and allowing that experience to transform you. Let’s explore the lives of four remarkable individuals who delved into these profound spiritual experiences, showing us that there’s more to faith than we might think.

Julian of Norwich (April 7)
Imagine living in 14th-century England and choosing to spend most of your life in a single room to focus on your spiritual journey. That’s what Julian of Norwich did. She had some pretty intense visions that she wrote down, which became the first book in English known to be written by a woman. Julian saw God in a very optimistic light, famously writing that “all shall be well no matter what.” Her message? God’s love is incredibly profound and all-encompassing.

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