A Symons Valley United Church Capital Campaign

To replace the failed sanctuary house lighting system with new LED-Lighting.

After 15 years of use, our Sanctuary lighting system is seriously failing and impacting Sunday worship and our rentals. The current “workaround” of using the breaker panel to turn the house lights on and off is causing the panel breakers and flood light halogen bulbs to degrade and fail. Our plan is to restore light to the sanctuary and reduce energy consumption and associated operational costs with new LED lights.


  • ED lights use up to 85% less energy than our present bulbs. The cost of running LED bulbs will significantly save our operational costs in the long term.
  • LED lights last up to 40 times longer.
  • LED lights offer high-quality light output and greater flexibility for control over our present bulbs.

Our goal is to raise $35,000 by the end of June 2023. Any excess or unused funds raised by this campaign will be directed to building maintenance projects.

Our Donations
Please consider a one-time financial gift to the Sharing the Light Campaign.
Make your gift:

    • Online at SymonsValleyUC.com,
    • E-Transfer Treasurer@SymonValleyUC.com ,
    • Mail or drop off at church,
    • or Offering during in-person worship with the “Sharing the Light” designation. Campaign donation envelopes are available on Sundays and at the church office.

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